Americans Face a Future of Clean Water Shortages

Americans Face a Future of Clean Water Shortages

Water is one of the hot commodities in our world today, because not everyone has it as good as we do, and many people lack the clean water resources they need for drinking and for sanitation. Most Americans haven’t had to worry about shortages yet, although many are still concerned about what the future is going to bring in that they believe within the next decade there will not only be a shortage of water, but that   shortage of water   what they do have won’t be safe to drink. These are scary thoughts, because water is so critical to our health and well-being, and even with water filtration companies working to clean enough for our use, we still may find ourselves having problems in the upcoming years.

The U.S. Geological Survey took a poll of Americans to see what their water concerns for the next 10 years were. About 38% felt that the resources were going to be too polluted to drink within the next decade while 29% believed that shortages were going to be the biggest problem. Polls taken in the rest of the world, where people have already been having problems, show a lot more concern. In fact, 53% of those polled believe that they will be facing water shortages in the next ten years while 22% think it will be too polluted to drink.

Every human body needs water. In fact, the recommended water consumption per person is 8 8-oz. glasses each day, and that doesn’t count what we need for sanitary purposes. With the world population now topping 6,824,919,365 people, you can see that this adds up to billions of gallons of water per day. Even though a glance at a globe of the world shows that most of the surface is covered with water, the majority of it isn’t drinkable without being put through the desalinization process. Much of the rest of our water resources are so

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