Why Can’t I Get Pregnant? – Help to Get Pregnant

Why Can’t I Get Pregnant? – Help to Get Pregnant


With some couples getting pregnant just happens without ever really having to think about it. They are the lucky ones, but unfortunately, for most they are also becoming the minority. The statistics are showing that more and more couples wanting to get pregnant are having major difficulty. This is why a lot of women are having to حوامل why cant I get pregnant. It has been shown that there are multiple factors that come into play when you are having trouble getting pregnant. These factors can range from infertility, stress, caffeine, age, prescription drugs, food, lifestyle, or even sperm count.

The only constant that shows up in these studies is the stress level in all couples that are having trouble getting pregnant. It stand to reason that all couples that have decided to start a family, but are having trouble getting pregnant, would be stressed about it. The more you try, but don’t get pregnant, the more stressed you get. The more stressed you get, the lower your chances of getting pregnant. It is a viscous cycle that most couples have to deal with until they can figure out how to relax.

Further studies show that the side effects of some prescription drugs can reduce sperm count and can cause infertility. This by itself can make it very difficult for couples to get pregnant. If you are on any kind of prescription drug, you might want to research to find out what side effects that drug may have.

Asking yourself, why cant I get pregnant is the first step in finding out the answer. There are all natural methods available that can help you go through all of the common items I talked about above. It will help you figure out what is causing your particular issue and what you can do to correct it to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

A friend of mine thought she was infertile but she proved the doctors wrong in their diagnosis by having two healthy children even in her 40s. She was able to get pregnant within 2-4 months naturally. She wrote a book to help other women that are having problems getting pregnant.

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