How to Write a Movie Review to Capture the Authentic “Viewer Experience”

How to Write a Movie Review to Capture the Authentic “Viewer Experience”


A few years ago when I was thinking about the George Clooney vehicle “Syriana (2005),” a reply I’ve read somewhere to the criticism that the movie “did not make perfect sense,” changed my whole outlook on movies in general, and movie reviews in   รีวิวหนัง


The writer basically said that, yes, there were quite a few sequences and plot points in “Syriana” did not make perfect sense because the subject matter itself also did not make perfect sense either! So how do you shoot a not-so-clear-cut movie of a not-so-clear-cut subject matter?! Wow… I never entertained the thought and I was really moved by the originality of the concept.

Here I do not want to go into the whole important discussion of the difference between a STORY and a PLOT (read Peter Dunne for that). But let me suffice to say that this issue of “imperfection” is live and well in movie review writing as well.

You know the regular, traditional movie reviews: introduce the director, writer and the cast. Summarize the story/plot. Point out what was right or wrong with it. Give it a rating. And then get out. Thank you.

But does this really reflect the authentic viewer experience? What did we really feel as we watched this on a DVD in the privacy of our home, or together with a hundred other movie lovers in a movie theater? Was our viewing experience PERFECT? If not, why should our movie reviews be PERFECT either?

Did we follow the plot from A to Z without a problem? And if we didn’t, should we go back and STUDY the plot until we get it right, like solving a geometry problem? Or should we reflect that imperfection as is in our reviews, should we honor it, since that’s the honest unadulterated subjective experience?

I think there’ll always be room in our world for Wikipedia-like completion and encyclopedic perfection for movie reviews. But I’d argue that we also need more authentic movie reviews, exactly reflecting what we felt like when we watched this work of art for the first time. If our experience includes a sense of getting lost and shifting perspectives and projecting our own interpretations on the perceived story line and characterization, let it be. That should only enrich the authentic viewer experience and not impoverish it.


Where to Meet Women Where They Are Most Receptive to an Approach

Where to Meet Women Where They Are Most Receptive to an Approach


This one is for all the guys out there who have been reading my prior articles. If you’ve been paying attention and practicing, you know how to approach women, how to talk to them verbally and by using your body language. I’ve also given you dating tips and hopefully you’ve already gotten yourself a girlfriend by now by utilizing   เที่ยวไหนดี

  all of this information. On the off chance that you haven’t, my focus now will be on Where to Meet Women. After all, you have to know where to meet these elusive ladies to take the action necessary to get girl. So why have these women eluded you? Just where are they hiding?

The explosion over the past couple of decades of the internet and social media has changed the way the world is seen and access to people living on different continents is just fingertips away. We live in a fast paced society where breaking news is in real time, not a day away like it was twenty years ago. No longer do lonely men or women put ads in the personals to meet someone. I don’t even know if they still have personal columns in the newspapers anymore. The hotspot where women can be found lately is, you guessed it, on the internet; more specifically on dating sites. It has become the best place to meet women. All you have to do is create a profile and you’re in the game. You can ‘surf’ for women who live close to you, check out her profile, likes and dislikes, her personal pics and sift through thousands of other potential matches for yourself. Most dating sites will show if the person is online at any given time so connections can be made instantly.

You see a potential match, fire off an e-mail and see if you hit it off. If you do, great. If not, you can find someone else moments later. The world is literally your oyster and you can be as picky as you want to be. Do try to be as real and genuine as you can be though. Although anyone can be anyone they want to be online, this is not the time to play that game. If she tells you that she loves going to the opera, don’t say you like it too just to get the girl. Any relationship that is founded on lies is bound to crash and burn. So be honest with yourself and with any lady you may get to know online. However, don’t waste a lot of your time online. When you ‘meet’ a woman that has potential, you want to get her offline as quickly as possible. You will want to arrange a date so that you both can meet and see if chemistry is there in person as well. If there isn’t, then it’s back to the drawing board. If there is chemistry then you’re all set and have no need to read further, unless you want to know where else women are spending their free time these days.

If you don’t want to go online to meet women, you can find them in a variety of public places. You want to go to the places where we all know and accept that our personal space is limited. These are the places that women will be more open to being approached by men. Understand that there are a lot of places where our personal space is limited but are not good places to meet women. These are places like the Doctor’s office, shopping stores, libraries, on public transportation, etc… In these spaces we are all focused on a task at hand. These places are a no-no for meeting women. They will not be in a receptive mood at all and rejection is almost a given. A nasty rejection is always a possibility, so steer away from these places. The best public places to meet women are in museums, at bus stops, at small community events, at sidewalk cafes, at the zoo and even in the company lunchroom. These are all places where women are unwinding and in their most charitable of moods. They are open to conversation and are quite receptive to approaches by men. They aren’t expecting to be ‘picked up’ in these places so their ‘rejection’ radar is non-existent. You will meet and up the odds in your favor with women if you go to the ‘rejection’ free places like these.

There are a lot of great places to go to meet women as I just illustrated. If your preference is going to clubs to meet women then I will give you a little bit of advice that will take you a long way. Never go to a club alone. When women see you alone, they all know that you are going to be ‘on the prowl’ for one. They are all ready for an approach, with a ready rejection retort for a pickup line. Clubs are terrible places to meet women if you go there alone. Women assume that you don’t have friends; therefore you must be a zero in the personality department. A man with a great personality is worth more to a woman than great looks. So, to avoid negative assumptions and up your chances with women in clubs, go out with a group of friends. Try to have some female friends included. If your friends are of all ages then it’s even better. When women see a guy that comes in with a group of friends of all ages and gender, they automatically assume that he is highly popular, therefore has a great personality. If women are in his group then all women view him as being an upstanding guy because no woman in her right mind would choose to spend their night with a loser. This makes other women wonder what he is all about. They are already curious and in a receptive mood for an approach. The great part about this one is that your entire group is the ‘wingman’ without having to utter a single word on your behalf.


Why You Can Win at Sports Betting!

Why You Can Win at Sports Betting!

The most worthwhile forms of what society classifies as “playing” surely aren’t gambling at all. Professionals do now not keep in mind themselves gamblers of their selected profession, both do sports bettors or poker players. It is an investment.

I am a sports fan and my know-how helps, however you don’t should be. I am first and essential an investor, earning a living from sports activities having a bet. In order to show sports making a bet from a gamble to an investment the maximum essential component is getting to know how the sports activities having a bet industry works.


– the excellent crew in sports will typically win

– line makers are excellent at putting markets (strains, overs/unders)

If you do your research on the traces set and the outcomes over the last few years you’ll be astonished at how accurate the forecasts are (believe me I have executed it). Now for the ones new to sports making a bet you is probably discouraged at those statistics, but you should not be as it proves my subsequent fact:


This is fundamental to changing your angle on sports betting. In reality it makes a professional sports bettor no specific than your avid investor or inventory broking, however in place of analysing companies to are expecting performance, they analyse sports activities groups to expect overall performance. Now that is where things get really exciting  เว็บดูบอลพรีเมียร์ลีก

most of the people new to sports making a bet or people with a informal hobby accept as true with they’re playing in opposition to the bookmaker or line maker. This isn’t always proper. The line maker’s are not posting a prediction of who will win and by using how lots after they set their strains. Rather they may be trying to assume what most people assume in terms of who will win and by how an awful lot.


Well the bookmakers, like the professional gamblers, are on this as a commercial enterprise. They do not gamble both, and as a result commonly their intention isn’t to gamble on the final results, however break up the general public’s bets (as near 1/2 on every facet as feasible). This manner they earn income by means of the juice they take on every bet. Thus the professional gambler and the bookmakers are pursuing  very one of a kind desires. These differences open up a remarkable deal of opportunities for the sports activities bettor as they’re not constrained with the aid of the public opinion.

In essence an knowledgeable sports bettor is sincerely playing against the informal sports bettors who set the public opinion. Once you comprehend this, you have to don’t forget who you suspect has the advantage:


Why Do So Many People Engage In Online Sports Betting?

Why Do So Many People Engage In Online Sports Betting?

Do you like watching your preferred player or team in a positive sports? Most, if no longer all, massive sports activities fans might at instances make a bet on which participant or team would win in a wearing event. Fans do that truly only for amusing. But a few have emerge as so professional at betting on sports activities on line, that it is no longer just a hobby for them. Instead, for some, it has become their livelihood.

Being engaged in sports activities having a bet, mainly in on-line sports having a bet, could be very smooth and nearly everyone can do it. There’s definitely no secret formula or mathematical computations wished for one to be an amazing sports bettor. All you will need is to have a terrific information of the game and the crew or player that you will region your bet on, as well as the rules and the percentages of your bet.

Placing a guess to your favorite sports gives you greater reasons why you must watch your favourite team or participant play. The notion of getting your cash on the table adds more pleasure on an in any other case uninteresting game. This creates a competitive ecosystem even whilst you’re just watching together with your buddies at home. Another motive why you have to have interaction in online sports activities making a bet is that it may make you more money. As formerly said, there are some folks who turned this little hobby of having a bet on sports right into a complete-time process and their revenue is based solely on the outcome of their bets.

Making a guess on sports can be carried out in numerous approaches. There are a few sports bar where humans accumulate to observe a certain sporting occasion and make their bets with the opposite those who are looking the game. Then there are the greater technical ways of having a หวยออนไลน์

 bet, just like the creating a sports bet on a on line casino sports ebook, over the smartphone and on line. The regulations on those types of having a bet could have a few variations and policies particular to every class. But the primary idea of sports activities having a bet continues to be present whichever technique of betting you favor to use.

The concept behind making a bet with a web bookmaker or sportsbook is sincerely quite simple. In every game, the odds makers could be the ones with a view to set the “traces or odds” so one can be the basis of all the bets and winnings of the bettors. It may be a little bit confusing at first, but it becomes easier whilst you get familiarized with the whole manner of sports activities having a bet.

Placing a bet on a web sports betting web site has modified the manner how the human beings examine sporting events. They are no longer looking as mere spectators, but have become part of the crew they cheering for. So if it’s just your first time to engage on sports making a bet, then there’s not anything that you ought to be concerned about. There are a whole lot of online sports activities betting websites that offer loose guides on a way to start with on-line sports activities having a bet. Just usually remember the fact that on line sports activities having a bet is some thing that need to be visible as a way to have a laugh and enjoy the game.


The Top Ten News Apps for the Android

The Top Ten News Apps for the Android  

Everyone likes getting the latest news from around the world. News is more than just what is happening, it can be the lunar cycle that is current or even the latest happening with    ข่าวIT

   your friends. The following are the top ten news apps for the Android:

1. Rizon – This app allows you to know the exact second the sun rises and sets in any part of the world. It is a great news app for those who fish or rely on the sun for their work.

2. Police Radio – Police Radio is like having an emergency scanner on your phone. You can listen to all the reports for emergency services in your area. This is great for times of natural disasters too as there is information on where to go when television and radio broadcasts are out.

3. Sidebar – This is a new app that is in the beta testing stages and is being offered for free. It offers news, humor and other links in one easily accessed area.

4. 1Cast – Those who want their news updated constantly and only want to have to look to one source for their news fix. This is a partnership with many of the major news broadcast companies and is fully customizable.

5. ITN News – All the headline news immediately is broadcast over your phone. Local, world and sports news at a touch. It does not get any better than this handy news app.

6. Webtalk – This app is not only great for surfing the web without having to type, it also reads aloud all the latest in news, sports and gossip leaving you completely hands free.

7. Instafetch – With Instafetch, you can save any webpage, including news and sports articles, from the internet and read them offline when you can get to them.

8. 3D Motion Twitter – Get all of your celebrity and Twitter news updates in 3D.

9. Whoozy People Search – Find all the news on people you are looking for with this search engine. It is a great app to do background checks or to find a long lost relative.


Online Casinos Must Offer More Honest Advice

Online Casinos Must Offer More Honest Advice

Trust is one of keeps an eye on key dynamic criteria when meeting new individuals just because. I mean consider it. In the event that you need to purchase a house, select another PC or even choose where to take your accomplice for supper for that exceptional event, what do you do? You approach somebody for their recommendation. On account of house you’ll solicit parcels from individuals from a range or specialists or real estate agents to loved ones. What’s more, obviously you are on the whole correct to. It’s a major expense. It additionally influences your background. On the off chance that you select an inappropriate house you’ll be reminded each time you approach the front entryway. 

Shouldn’t something be said about those increasingly close to home encounters like supper with your accomplice? Misunderstand the guidance and thus pick an inappropriate kind of café for a birthday or commemoration and you’ll have quite recently squandered your cash. No sentimental end to the night for you. 

Club Genie, autonomous online gambling club aggregator, as of late distributed a study which had some very amazing outcomes. Basically online gambling clubs are losing a huge number of clients consistently. 

Jon Hingston, Customer Satisfaction Manager at Casino Genie, says, “Our overview of 2,500 web based card  ข่าวบอล

sharks from more than 100 online gambling clubs shows that players need a progressively close to home assistance. Also, one the key criteria of that customized administration is trust. Players need genuineness and honesty. Sure this will cost the gambling clubs more to oversee yet the upside will out gauge those expenses. The review figures show that players remain with a club multiple times longer when client assistance meets their desire. So given this data what we presently need to comprehend is the way we can assist gambling clubs with conveying this and fun experience as well.”. 

So for what reason does confide in make a difference to such an extent. We discussing solidified card sharks who simply need to win cash right? No. Hingston let us know, “The greater part of players are new to betting. What’s more, there is enormous network of individuals who are put off by the multifaceted nature of the games, the language that we use is confounding and they feel out of their profundity. In the event that online club need to win advocates forever they should be ‘your companion’. Carry on like the companion at school who showed you the standards of baseball or English cricket without giggling at you. At that point you can both appreciate the game more.” 

Of the 2,500 online gambling club players that Casino Genie studied a little more than 1,400 had been playing under a year. Just 24% were faithful to one club. Over 62% played at least four club. 

Strikingly of those players who had been betting for over a year, there was as yet an immense measure of players playing at four gambling clubs or progressively, 48%. Alarmingly for online gambling clubs 78% of these refered to poor client care as a purpose behind their flightiness. Just 4% of players had discovered site which they were completely steadfast as well. Be that as it may, here is the executioner truth. All of those 100 individuals said that they stayed with their gambling club because in light of ‘heavenly client support’. Makes you think doesn’t it. For what reason isn’t my club that way? 

Not one of those 100 speculators played at a ‘Best 20’ gambling club. The little club are acting more intelligent, responding speedier and playing the boutique game to attempt to contend right now. What’s more, its beginning to have an impact. 

So how about we return to the trust issue. Another figure that left the study. 82% of individuals asked said they would attempt another online club whenever prescribed by a companion. 68% of individuals said that they would attempt another online gambling club on the off chance that it was ‘enthusiastically prescribed’ by different players. 

So in outline, client assistance and trust is the thing that players need. The inquiry is will the enormous club tune in?


Factors to Consider When Choosing an Online Casino to Play At

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Online Casino to Play At

Throughout the years, the prevalence of online club has taken off. Rather than sprucing up and heading to the closest club in your general vicinity, you can play your preferred gambling club round right in the solace of your own home. 

Why It Pays to Play in an Online Casino Environment 

In any case, beside having the accommodation of playing club in your nightgown at home, what else is the intrigue of an online gambling club condition that permits it to draw such groups? As a matter of first importance, regardless of which some portion of the world it is that you are found – you can play gambling club games as long as your PC has an association with the Internet. 

Second, the present gambling clubs online offer a plenty of decisions with regards to the games that you can play:  ESPORTS

Blackjack, Russian Roulette, poker, video poker, gaming machines and craps. Third, on the off chance that you are not yet prepared to play with genuine cash, you can utilize the gambling clubs as a setting to rehearse your abilities. In case you’re basically out to have a ton of fun, there are Internet gambling clubs which permit you to play with virtual cash. 

In any case, in the event that you want to bet utilizing genuine cash, you can do as such. Simply remember that since you will be sharing your own and monetary data – it pays to search for a legitimate and exceptionally secure online gambling club condition in case you’re playing your preferred round with genuine cash. 

What to Look for in a Secure Online Casino 

To enable you to out, here is a rundown of the things that you have to consider when searching for a protected online condition: 

1. Check with your poker pals if there is a specific site that they like to play online gambling club games at. Verbal exchange is as yet the best reference – and on the off chance that you would prefer not to have any awful encounters with playing on the web club, it is a smart thought to approach your companions for references first. You may have a buddy who’s been playing at a specific gambling club site which you may not know about, and is rounding rewards up the procedure. 

2. Check whether the gambling club site positions high on web indexes for pertinent watchwords. A well known site should rank high in the web crawlers, and this is a decent method to mind the unwavering quality and security of the online club. 

3. Peruse cautiously the piece of the site which informs online clients regarding the SSL or computerized encryption innovation that they are utilizing on the site. Try not to try and consider utilizing destinations which don’t utilize SSL encryption – in light of the fact that this is a safety effort taken by site proprietors to secure the individual data of their online guests. 

4. You can really play online club without introducing a product. On the off chance that you’d preferably not introduce a product, you can pick an online gambling club condition which ought to likewise limit the dangers of your own data being utilized. 

5. Peruse the surveys of online club gaming destinations, and read through the fine print of the terms and states of utilizing the site. At long last, make a point to peruse the fine print and peruse through online surveys about which gambling club locales are at present top-positioning. 

By following these tips, you will undoubtedly choose a ultra-secure gambling club gaming site that will permit you to appreciate games as far as possible – without trading off your own and budgetary data.


Alice in Wonderland – Are You Ready For the New Movie?

Alice in Wonderland – Are You Ready For the New Movie?  

This March a new version of Alice in Wonderland will be released to theatres, giving audiences the chance to see this classic fairy tale through the lens of Tim Burton’s imagination. The new version has a number of changes, such as portraying Alice in her teens, and uses many themes from the sequel, Through the Looking-Glass. But   ดูหนังใหม่

   before you rush out to view this updated classic, here is a quick list of some of the main characters that were originally brought to life by Alice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll. It’s a quick refresher that should get you up to speed on this timeless tale and have you ready to experience the new movie.

The Caterpillar – This character is probably best known for smoking a hookah and instructing Alice on how to eat a special mushroom in order to grow or shrink to help her on her journey. Although Alice is mostly annoyed with the Caterpillar initially, she does benefit from his help and advice.

The White Rabbit – Responsible for leading Alice down the rabbit hole, this character has a personality that wavers between rude and pompous toward underlings and servants and timid and feeble when in the presence of the King and Queen of Hearts. Lewis Carroll remarked once that this character was meant to be a contrast to Alice’s. While she is young, capable and direct in her purposes, the white rabbit is old, nervous and unorganized. Recall that in the beginning of the story he is heard muttering about how he’s going to be late, late, late!

The Queen of Hearts – Often confused with the Red Queen from Through the Looking-Glass, the Queen of Hearts possessed an unbridled fury that usually resulted in her ordering beheadings to resolve any matter that displeased her. Croquet, played with flamingos as mallets and hedgehogs as balls, was her favorite hobby. This ill-tempered queen was one of the more dangerous obstacles that Alice faced on her journey through Wonderland, as the queen sentenced Alice to be beheaded twice.

The White Queen – Introduced in Through the Looking-Glass, the White Queen was a friend and ally to Alice. Though kind, this queen is seemingly crazy as she lives backwards in time. For example in the novel, she would scream in pain until she pricked her finger, rather than because she pricked her finger. She is a contrast to the Red Queen from the same story, in that the White Queen is known for her ability to quickly escape any danger, where as the Red Queen will confront trouble head on.

The Hatter – Often referred to as the Mad Hatter, this character explains to Alice that he and the March Hare are always having tea because when he attempted to sing for the Queen of Hearts during one of her celebrations, she accused him of murdering the time and sentenced him to death. He escaped his death sentence, but he and the March Hare were from then on stuck at 6:00 because Time decided to halt himself for them out of anger for the attempted “murder.” It is believed that this character was inspired by the real hat makers at during Carroll’s time. They often suffered from mercury poisoning as a result of the process used for curing felt and as a result developed side-effects that made them appear somewhat insane.


Online Movie Rental Comparison Shopping

Online Movie Rental Comparison Shopping  

When trying to choose an online movie rental company, it is important to compare the available packages and features of each service. What may be a very valuable option to you may be meaningless to someone else. Try to consider the entirety    หนังออนไลน์

   of what the membership brings. Avoid focusing too much on just a single aspect. Here are some things to compare.

When it comes to the quality of the actual online video stream provided, there is really very little difference between the different major rental companies. The movies tend to be provided by the production houses that made them, so the digital files are generally the same. So there is no real need to worry about comparisons in this area.

Some of the rental services offer physical copies of the film that they mail to you in the form of a DVD to watch. If this is a feature you will want to use, then check what the exact process is. Depending on the company, you may be required to mail the DVD back in a prepaid envelope or drop it off at a specific location in your area.

You may also want to rent video games. These usually work the same as renting a regular DVD, but double check to be sure. Some games require activation or registration codes to work properly. Different rental companies have different ways of dealing with this. Find a method that will work well for you.

A small number of online rental sites have physical stores or kiosks. If you want this kind of service, learn where the locations are and what they offer. The structure itself can range from a fully staffed storefront down to a solitary, automated dispenser.

It is not always easy comparing online rental companies. Since many of them grew out of existing businesses, the services offered are not always directly comparable. Find a website that is easy to use, with features you like, and have fun watching movies.


Combat Arms Game Review

Combat Arms Game Review  

Combat Arms may very well be one of the most popular free-to-play internet games. This is because it’s a modern-day based online FPS game that is similar to that of other popular    โหลดเกมส์

  games from the genre such as Counter-Strike and Call of Duty.

The FPS genre has exploded in recent times thanks to the success of Activision’s Call of Duty series. The last two games from the series have managed to sell over 20 million copies each worldwide. With the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 later this year, it appears as if the FPS genre won’t be going away anytime soon.

If you’ve ever played a FPS game before, it’s pretty easy to get used to the controls and purpose of Combat Arms. One of the coolest aspects of the game is the ability for you to create your own character. The options to choose from are both ethnic and gender friendly so there’s something for everyone to choose from in Combat Arms.

Certain characters will have certain weapons that they specialize in. It pays to take notice of this as you don’t want to pick a character that does not suit to your specific playing style. If you’re more of a long-ranged expert you can choose the woman with the sniper rifle. Alternatively, you can choose to be the big man who carries the heavy duty guns. In either case, if you’ve ever played a FPS game before, choose the right weapon that will suit your needs.

Before you head off into the battlefield to take on other players, there’s the option to go through the game’s tutorial mode. It is here you can familiarize yourself with Combat Arm’s controls. Many FPS veterans may not have to do the tutorial mode as the controls are easy to learn. Still, if you’re a novice at the genre, getting some target practice will help you in a big way.

Once all the introductions and tutorials are over, you can jump straight into a match. There are multiple servers to choose from and there are always people playing Combat Arms so you won’t have to worry about not finding enough players to join in your game.

The default play mode is your typical team deathmatch. It is here where your objective is to kill as many people on the opposing team as possible. A disadvantage for rookie Combat Arms players is that you’re mixed with veteran players who already have access to more powerful weapons. It can be a frustrating but Combat Arms make sure to even the teams up to make things fair.

A good thing about this mode is that you can steal the enemies’ weapons once you (or a teammate) have killed them. This in turn allows you to wield a more powerful gun than the default one you are left with when you start playing the game from the beginning. However, if you die, you will respawn with the same weak weapon you had before. It pays to stay alive for as long as possible.

The second playing mode I participated in was a special zombie mode. This will see one player starting the game off as a zombie and trying to infect all the other players. There are many rounds to this mode and the eventual winner is the person who was last to get infected. I loved playing this mode as it was more about survival than just mindlessly killing people all the time.

Another great thing about Combat Arms is the rewards you can get for leveling up. You can choose to customize the appearance of your chosen character or add attachments to your guns. It is worthwhile playing the game for a few hours just to experience all the good stuff you will be able to unlock. The more time you invest in playing Combat Arms, the more fun it will become.

One thing I disliked about Combat Arms is that the game takes a long time to load. Before I even started playing my first match I was seeing the loading screen for what seemed like a good 3 minutes or so. If you’re not willing to wait that long, then I suggest you play another game as loading times can be a pain.