Where to Meet Women Where They Are Most Receptive to an Approach

Where to Meet Women Where They Are Most Receptive to an Approach


This one is for all the guys out there who have been reading my prior articles. If you’ve been paying attention and practicing, you know how to approach women, how to talk to them verbally and by using your body language. I’ve also given you dating tips and hopefully you’ve already gotten yourself a girlfriend by now by utilizing   เที่ยวไหนดี

  all of this information. On the off chance that you haven’t, my focus now will be on Where to Meet Women. After all, you have to know where to meet these elusive ladies to take the action necessary to get girl. So why have these women eluded you? Just where are they hiding?

The explosion over the past couple of decades of the internet and social media has changed the way the world is seen and access to people living on different continents is just fingertips away. We live in a fast paced society where breaking news is in real time, not a day away like it was twenty years ago. No longer do lonely men or women put ads in the personals to meet someone. I don’t even know if they still have personal columns in the newspapers anymore. The hotspot where women can be found lately is, you guessed it, on the internet; more specifically on dating sites. It has become the best place to meet women. All you have to do is create a profile and you’re in the game. You can ‘surf’ for women who live close to you, check out her profile, likes and dislikes, her personal pics and sift through thousands of other potential matches for yourself. Most dating sites will show if the person is online at any given time so connections can be made instantly.

You see a potential match, fire off an e-mail and see if you hit it off. If you do, great. If not, you can find someone else moments later. The world is literally your oyster and you can be as picky as you want to be. Do try to be as real and genuine as you can be though. Although anyone can be anyone they want to be online, this is not the time to play that game. If she tells you that she loves going to the opera, don’t say you like it too just to get the girl. Any relationship that is founded on lies is bound to crash and burn. So be honest with yourself and with any lady you may get to know online. However, don’t waste a lot of your time online. When you ‘meet’ a woman that has potential, you want to get her offline as quickly as possible. You will want to arrange a date so that you both can meet and see if chemistry is there in person as well. If there isn’t, then it’s back to the drawing board. If there is chemistry then you’re all set and have no need to read further, unless you want to know where else women are spending their free time these days.

If you don’t want to go online to meet women, you can find them in a variety of public places. You want to go to the places where we all know and accept that our personal space is limited. These are the places that women will be more open to being approached by men. Understand that there are a lot of places where our personal space is limited but are not good places to meet women. These are places like the Doctor’s office, shopping stores, libraries, on public transportation, etc… In these spaces we are all focused on a task at hand. These places are a no-no for meeting women. They will not be in a receptive mood at all and rejection is almost a given. A nasty rejection is always a possibility, so steer away from these places. The best public places to meet women are in museums, at bus stops, at small community events, at sidewalk cafes, at the zoo and even in the company lunchroom. These are all places where women are unwinding and in their most charitable of moods. They are open to conversation and are quite receptive to approaches by men. They aren’t expecting to be ‘picked up’ in these places so their ‘rejection’ radar is non-existent. You will meet and up the odds in your favor with women if you go to the ‘rejection’ free places like these.

There are a lot of great places to go to meet women as I just illustrated. If your preference is going to clubs to meet women then I will give you a little bit of advice that will take you a long way. Never go to a club alone. When women see you alone, they all know that you are going to be ‘on the prowl’ for one. They are all ready for an approach, with a ready rejection retort for a pickup line. Clubs are terrible places to meet women if you go there alone. Women assume that you don’t have friends; therefore you must be a zero in the personality department. A man with a great personality is worth more to a woman than great looks. So, to avoid negative assumptions and up your chances with women in clubs, go out with a group of friends. Try to have some female friends included. If your friends are of all ages then it’s even better. When women see a guy that comes in with a group of friends of all ages and gender, they automatically assume that he is highly popular, therefore has a great personality. If women are in his group then all women view him as being an upstanding guy because no woman in her right mind would choose to spend their night with a loser. This makes other women wonder what he is all about. They are already curious and in a receptive mood for an approach. The great part about this one is that your entire group is the ‘wingman’ without having to utter a single word on your behalf.

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